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DATE: 03/17/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

When Can Estate Assets Be Distributed?

Many estate executors focus on estate taxes and forget about income taxes. That can be an expensive mistake.
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DATE: 03/16/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

Are Millennials Estate Planning?

As the coronavirus pandemic increased anxiety and upended many lives, it led U.S. millennials to get more serious about end-of-life planning.
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DATE: 03/11/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

What If an Estate Owes Back Taxes?

My mother passed, and she was an administrator of my grandfather’s estate and the inheritances. The estate accumulated quite a bit of back taxes over the years. Will the IRS put a lien on that estate as well as hers to retrieve funds?
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DATE: 03/10/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

Is a Medicaid Annuity a Good Idea?

For couples who face depleting their own assets, using a Medicaid-compliant annuity could be a way to preserve assets and still qualify for Medicaid.
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DATE: 03/09/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

Can You Set Up a Trust After Death?

In estate planning, the use of trusts to manage the distribution of assets is becoming increasingly more common. However, for many people, the idea of setting up a trust during his or her lifetime is overwhelming and perhaps even unnecessary.
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DATE: 03/08/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

Does Marriage have an Impact on a Will?

Being married is significant both for a married person’s lifetime estate planning and subsequent administration of the estate at death. Important rights and responsibilities exist between married persons.
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DATE: 02/25/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

Should I Delay Claiming Social Security?

When you begin claiming affects how much money you get from the program, and once you're receiving checks, it's difficult to undo your decision.
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DATE: 02/24/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

Do Your Will and Estate Planning Documents Need to Be Updated?

It’s generally recommended that you review your will and other end-of-life documents at least every few years, although there can be reasons to do a checkup more often.
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DATE: 02/21/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

Why Should I Have a Living Will?

As a review of terms, a will is a legal document that specifies how a person’s estate should be handled only after that person’s death. A living will has nothing to do with how your “things” like property, money, jewelry, etc. are to be distributed. Unlike a will, it is, in fact, a document that comes into play while you’re still alive.
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DATE: 02/16/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

Should I Place My Home in a Trust?

Part of being a responsible homeowner is having a proper estate plan in place. After all, considering the home is generally the largest asset most people own, it's prudent to ensure this asset is passed to the people you wish to leave it to.
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